Raiders Bench Jason Campbell

9/19/2010 8:45:42 PM
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Donavan McNabb is a beast. Jason Campbell is not:

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sucks, I dont hate on campbell i pity him, no legit reason for him to be pulled either it was a real heavy handed move by cable or maybe the big guy

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Is any Redskin fan surprised that this happened?  Now that McNabb is in DC, we now see what a real QB can do for a team.  Tough loss in OT, but at least the Redskins could move the ball and score points.

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Lets remeber some things. 

  • Campbell has much less.
  • Campbell was thrown into his first game just because Brunell was hurt. Ended up becoming a starter because he had a good game.
  • Campbell had no one to truly help him.
  • Campbell had no offensive line to help him.
  • Campbell had to learn different coaching systems with the same program.

    Now I'm not saying Campbell was great but he has made it further than a couple other QB's that came out of college, QB's that were supposed to be great. None of them have put their team in the playoffs. Or even had successful seasons as a starter.
  • Chris Leak (07 BCS Champ)
  • Troy Smith (Heisman/ 06 QB of year)
  • JaMarcus Russell
  • Jason White (Heisman)
  • John Parker Wilson
  • Brady Quinn
  • Matt Leinart (Heisman/04 BCS Champ). 

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Jason is a decent QB that started off with what was then a terrible organization and is now with a terrible organization.  He may never be a star but I believe he will be okay when given a chance in a decent organization with some talent around him. Jason could easily become like a Vinny Testaverde type player.

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I USED to think Jason Campbell was a victim of a bad organization and a lack of talent in Washington and Oakland, but the fact that J.Campbell was ineffective at home against the St.Louis Rams showed me that he's probably a career back-up. The fact that Bruce Gradkowski came in for him and was able to move the Raiders offense up and down the field makes him look worse. Have the Raiders named B.Gradkowski the starter for their next game??

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Chris Leak - Undrafted

Troy Smith - 5th Round Pick

Jason White - Undrafted

John Parker Wilson - Undrafted

STOP DEFENDING A GUY WHO ISN'T GOOD.  Saying he's been more successful than that list of players, 4 of the 7 were actually drafted (or undrafted) later than Campbell, is useless when he hasn't been good on 2 teams. 

Campbell sucks.  Let's just all agree on it, and move on.  Like the Redskins did and like Tom Cable did.  The Rams have one of the worst defenses in the NFL and Campbell couldn't do anything against them.

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I dont think Gradlowski is better than Jason Campbell.  This is no only a new team but another offense to learn.  I still believe he could be good if he could just get settled for even a couple years in the same system.  In Oakland he is having to learn a new system with less talent than he had in DC......and a worse o-line. 

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I don't think a player that put up 3600 yards, 20 TDs and 15 picks behind a terrible line, Portis in his declining years, awful receivers, and a despicable Coach a bad season. Nor, would I call him a terrible player or back-up. Like Redskins fans, Oakland is just incredibly inpatient. 

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how much more patient can you be? dude has been in the league 7 years

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Listen, enough.  Campbell apologists, he's not good. The ONLY reason he was a 1st round pick: Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown. 

Pretty easy to look good when defenses are constantly leaving 8 in the box to stop two top-five picks.  Both of whom are having pretty good NFL careers.  Also helped he had Brandon Jacobs in the backfield during his time at the helm of the Auburn offense. 

Use the coordinator excuse all you want.  Doesn't excuse Bruce "I was run out of Tampa Bay" Gradkowski excelling in an offense, behind the same offensive line and same enemic running game that Campbell failed with.


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ive literally never seen so many excuses made for a guy whos done absolutely nothing to garner such support. what do people owe this guy?? hes never been able to get the job done. heck this is donovan mcnabbs first year in the shanahan offense, but i dont hear anyone giving him that out. this is jay cutlers first year in the mike martz offense--thats going pretty well so far. people act like they install these offenses the day before the game. sure, campbell hasnt had the continuity of the same offensive coordinator for his whole career, but not many qbs do anymore. campbell has all the physical gifts in the world but he just does not have the aptitude to play qb at the nfl level. hes a few steps above jamarcus russell but really its a similar mold. god im so sick of hearing people let campbell off the hook for just not being any good.

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okay, I get the fact that Campbell hasn't done anything, but come on dude you can't be serious.  Comparing Mike Martz's offense (greatest show on turf for Rams) and Mike Shanahan's offense (2 SBs, turned Terrell Davis into a 2000 yard rusher) to Jim Zorn's offense is pretty pathetic.  That is one of the stupidest arguments I have ever heard.  Campbell is an average at best QB, and people want to see him do well because he's a good person with a good work ethic who was mistreated by Danny boy and his manbitch Vinnie Cerrato.  Is that really a big deal?  He's not very good, but he's a guy that you can root for.

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JC is a decnt QB who's #'s improved every year despite being in a bad organization.  The front office of the Skins has been a Joke.  I've always felt that the Skins evaluators need to be evaluated.  Bad moves in the draft, lack of quality people in the trenches on both sides of the ball.  JC IMO was just as good as Rypien to me.  The difference is Rypien had time to learn the system.  He had time to learn the same system I might add.  They had 3 excellent WR's and an excellent O-line.  The Skins Superbowl O-line in 92 did something I'll probably never see again.  They gave up what? Like 9 sacks all year, including the playoffs.  The Skins if I'm not mistaken led the league in rushing as a team.  That was the greatest performance for an O-line I've ever seen.  Every QB's skill set is what it is.  Bad, Good or excellent but you put that type of talent around any Qb and they should be successful.

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