Is Bynum for Melo an even trade?

2/9/2011 10:55:16 PM
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I know other pieces would be involved, but isn't Andrew Bynum severly overrated? Carmelo is an top-tier NBA player while Bynum is on the Kwame Brown level.

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Are you kidding me?  Andrew Bynum is much better than Kwame Brown ever was.  Bynum's problem is that he is injury prone, but when he plays, he is a key contributor in the paint for the Lakers.  That said, Melo is a much greater asset than Bynum, regardless of Bynum's supposed upside.  There would definitely be other pieces added into the mix, but the more important question is, what's the better deal?  Melo for Bynum + others, or Melo for Tyson Chandler, Cory Brewer, and a pick?  I'd take the Lakers deal, but it doesnt sound like the Lake show is that serious about acquiring Anthony anyway.

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Do Bynum versus Boston round 1, Lakers lose championship. With Bynum in the other two NBA Finals, Lakers win championship. End of story.

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