by: Tyler Hoffmann   5/6/2013

The Los Angeles Angels are off to another miserable start to the season. The Angels currently hold a record of 11-20 and are nine games behind the first place Texas Rangers. This is coming off a very dissapointing season where the Angels missed the playoffs after being predicited by some to win the World Series. After signing superstar Josh Hamilton this offseason many believed that they would turn it around this year. Espically with superstars like Albert Pujols and young star Mike Trout.

Are the Angels regretting the signings of Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton?

They should be regretting them. They spent $365 million on the two players combined. Pujols signed last offseason for 10 years and $240 million while this offseason Hamilton signed 5 years and $125 million. So far it can not have gone much worse. Pujols will be paid until he is the age of 41 and they have not gotten anything near the Pujols from St. Louis.

Pujols is currently batting .237 with 5 homeruns and 19 RBI. Hamilton is also struggling batting .208 with 2 homeruns and only 9 RBI. These could have the potential to be some of the worse contracts ever given in baseball history. With the Angels nine games out in early May and their superstars struggling, this could be a long season for Angel fans.