by: Joe Enea   7/18/2013

To say the least, Yasiel Puig has taken the league by storm. Every time he steps up to the plate he does something else historic. In his memorable month of June, he dominated his opposing competition. Putting up some of the most ridiculous numbers history has ever seen. While the question everyone is asking is how will his next month be? 

We all know Yasiel Puig as a future stud rising to the top, but what was he before all the lights were on him? He started his career as a professional player in Cuba, when he got caught attempting to defect, Puig got suspended from the league. It seems his dream was to come to the United States and play ball. Miraculously his dream finally did come true, and Puig successfully defected from Cuba and was invited to workout with the L.A dodgers. 
I got the opportunity to speak with Stan Kasten (the Dodgers President and part-owner). In our conversation I inquired about Puig, knowing that he was in the Minors for about a year. I asked Kasten if Puig was ready or did he need him because of all the injuries? 

“He was steadily improving and ready to come up just when we had all the injuries,” Kasten said. “His energy has given the whole team a boast.” 

The team has won 17 of their last 22 games and have the playoffs in sight. 

Kasten continued about Puig’s success. 

“He has been exceeding everyone's expectations, and what he is doing is historic.” 

Through his first 100 at-bats, Puig had 44 hits, and speaking with Mr. Kasten is always inspiring, knowing that LA dodgers is again on the rise. 

Yasiel Puig is defiantly a player to look out for now and for the future. He is a rising star in the making and considered by many as a five-tool player. It will be very interesting to watch as both pitchers adjust to him and how he will adjust to the pitching.